Favorite Quote: “A Good Snapshot keeps a Moment from running away

I did not find photography; Photography found me. Since that moment I have become fascinated by the rhetoric of the image. Using my creativity to explore the human condition and the world around me, I continually find myself enthralled by the power of images and their ability to shape whatever consumes them.

My name is OMAR YOUSIF , member of New York Institute of Photography ,I am originally from Iraq , I was born and grew up there and then I moved to Turkey and i am now in U.S.A , I do not know where my next home will be but I like Knoxville. It is a beautiful city.I would like to be a professional photographer and web designer. I love to spend my life doing what makes me happy. I had many web sites about different topics. Currently working on my personal site OMARYOUSIF.COM

Here is the list of the things I like(web design, photography, travel, Drive with the music loud and windows down, Give homeless people all my change just to see their smile, I like it when people call me weird, doing things I’ve never done before, check the mail, cross things off my list, Completely redecorate a room, & Much More ).